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Preparation Course

Vancouver, Canada or Study online

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Our CELPIP preparation courses makes this part of your life simpler. We show you how to reach your highest possible CELPIP score so you can get more points for your permanent residency application or studies in Canada. 

Certified CELPIP Teachers

Morning, Afternoon, Evenings

Higher Scores for PR & School


Official Preparation Centre

Better prices in Canada

Private or Group Classes

Private (1 or 2) & Small Group

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in-person or online from anywhere

Study 1-5 hours each week

Free CELPIP Practice Tests

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Every day we help people to reach their goals in tests like IELTS, CELPIP, CAEL, TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC & English. Click the links to read our customer reviews on Google in Canada (Vancouver 1), Canada (New Westminster), Canada (Vancouver 2), Australia :)

Customer Reviews


Needed 7 or higher

for PR application

CELPIP Score: 8


Free CELPIP Preparation



We make new CELPIP preparation videos regularly. Get strategies, tips, advice, tricks to understand the CELPIP exam better. Click on your favourite social to learn with us for free: Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or Facebook.

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Free Help

Special Offers

Try a free class with us. No sales. No stress :)

1 Free Group Class

Join a group class and learn some new CELPIP skills

1 Free Class

1 Free Private Class

Try a private class to see your current level & ask questions 

1 Free Class
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CELPIP Courses

Teachers, Classes, Prices


Why us? Our CELPIP courses are easy to do, very effective and raise your scores for your permanent residency application. Expert teachers, easy-to-follow lessons & great prices in Vancouver and across Canada. Read more about our courses below. 

Why our courses?





Increase Test Scores

Our courses give you all you need to improve your scores on your CELPIP exam. Learn new skills, strategies, get feedback, corrections & practice.

Compare Our Prices

Our prices are really some of the lowest across Canada. Compare our course prices to others on Google. We offer better prices than most of them. Compare our prices with other schools.

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Study In-person or Online

Study in-person in Vancouver, Canada or take online classes from anywhere in Canada or around the world. 90% of our students study online because it's so easy & convenient.

Free Practice Tests

We include free CELPIP practice tests when you book courses with us. Get official practice exams and study materials for reading, listening, writing & speaking.

Group Classes
Group Classes
Private Classes

Private / Group Classes

Increase your scores faster with private classes or study in small group classes and build your exam skills step-by-step.

Try A Free Class

Try us free! No sales. No stress. Meet our teachers, get feedback on your current level, ask questions and see how much you can improve with us :)

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CELPIP Teachers

Exam Teachers


Our CELPIP teachers specialize in exam preparation. They help people in Vancouver and across Canada every day to get higher scores. CELPIP tutors with the right expertise and experience to improve. Read more about our teachers below.

CELPIP Teacher




Certified CELPIP Teachers

Each CELPIP teacher has over 16 years of teaching experience, are certified and help people prepare for their exams every day. Read more about our teacher's qualifications.

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Watch A Class

How much can you learn with us? Watch one of our private classes and see? Watch a class and learn about the CELPIP & IELTS Writing Task 1 formal letters.

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Know Your Teachers

In most schools, you won't meet your teachers until the very first class. Know your teachers before booking. Meet our teachers, JP and Kent ;)

Why our teachers?
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How to Achieve your score


CELPIP strategies, systems, advice, tips, practice tests, corrections & feedback. We promise you will know 100% how to reach your target CELPIP scores by the end of your course. Our guarantee. Read about what you'll learn below.

Skills Learned

CELPIP Writing

You learn: 

  • clear writing systems for Task 1 and 2.

  • how examiners think and mark your writing.

  • what your common errors are & how to fix them.

  • tips to improve your scores in writing task 1 and 2.

You improve:

  • answers for task 1 and 2.

  • range and accuracy in grammar.

  • writing organization and linking words.

  • range and accuracy in vocabulary

We include:

  • feedback in each class.

  • free practice writing exams to practice what you learn from class.

CELPIP Speaking

You learn: 

  • to have strong answers to questions.

  • how examiners think and grade your speaking.

  • what your common errors are and how to fix them.

  • tips to increase scores in each speaking section.

You improve:

  • speaking speed & fluency.

  • grammar range & accuracy

  • pronunciation, rhythm, word stress and intonation.

  • vocabulary, collocations, idioms and phrasal verbs.

We include:

  • feedback in each class.

  • speaking homework to fix problems and build confidence.

CELPIP Reading

You learn: 

  • to use keywords to identify the right answers.

  • to read faster and more efficiently.

  • effective methods to handle difficult readings.

  • question types for CELPIP reading section.

You improve:

  • reading scores.

We include:

  • free CELPIP reading practice tests for homework to practice skills you learn in class.

CELPIP Listening

You learn: 

  • to use keywords to identify correct answers.

  • strategies to help you get more answers right.

  • question types for CELPIP listening section.

You improve:

  • listening scores.

We include:

  • free CELPIP listening practice tests for homework to practice at home.

What will you learn?

Group Courses

Everything Needed to Succeed


Our group course gives you an introduction to all of the exam and private classes to help you score higher. Smarter preparation that saves you some money :) Read more about our group courses.

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Group Courses

Group Course Description

Group classes introduce you to all the exam and private classes increase your scores even higher. Everything you need to improve your scores for your permanent residency application in Canada.

Customer Reviews

Click below to read over 100 customer reviews on Google :)

Canada (Vancouver 1), Canada (Vancouver 2)Canada (New Westminster)Australia


Target Scores: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12


Group classes: 12 hours

Private classes: 3, 6 or 9 (30 mins each)

Practice tests: 4

Video lessons: 24 hours

Free class: 1


Group Course

Length: 4 weeks

Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays

Times: 7:00 - 8:30pm (Vancouver, Canada, PST)

Start date: Anytime :D

Private Classes

Minimum: 2 classes per week (= 1 hour) 

Days, times & hours: Decided with teacher

Curriculum Order

This course repeats, so you can join anytime and you will finish everything :)

Week 1A

Writing Task 1

Week 1B

Speaking 1, 2, 3, 4

Week 2A

Reading 1, 2

Week 2B

Listening 1, 2, 3

Week 3A

Writing Task 2

Week 3B

Speaking 4, 5, 6

Week 4A

Reading 3, 4

Week 4B

Listening 4, 5, 6

Why this course?

Improve in All CELPIP Sections

Private Classes to Fix Mistakes

Lower Prices Than Larger Schools

Easy-to-understand Lessons

Study Online from Anywhere

Convenient Evening Schedule

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Small Class Sizes

Free Practice Tests & Materials

Free CELPIP Tips on Social

100% Refundable Before Start Day

Safe Payments Online

Free Class To Try Us :)

Group Prices

Group Prices
Group Description
Private Courses

Private Courses

Your exam scores even higher


Our private courses give you more personal corrections, feedback and a lot more one-on-one time with our teachers to take your CELPIP scores to the next level :D Read about our private courses.

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Private Classes

Location: Online (from Anywhere)

Target Scores: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Click below to read over 100 customer reviews on Google :)

Canada (Vancouver 1), Canada (Vancouver 2)Canada (New Westminster)Australia

Who is this course for?

Our CELPIP private courses are for people who need to get the highest CELPIP scores possible for their permanent residency or visa applications in Vancouver and across Canada. These courses are the quickest & best way to increase your scores.

Private Description
Private Prices

Why private?

Private Prices

Increase Scores Faster

Personalized Feedback

Better Prices Than Language Schools

Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings

Study In-person or Online

Receive Corrections Every Class

One-on-one Classes

Study One-on-one

Free Practice Tests & Study Materials

Free CELPIP Tips On Social

100% Refundable Before Start Day

Secure Online Payments 

Free Class To Try Us :)


Asked Questions About Our Courses


Which days and times are classes? How do classes online work? How many hours is each class? We answer all of your questions. Read more below.


How much higher can I score?

You can often increase your CELPIP scores by 1 - 2 levels. Getting, tips, strategies, advice, corrections, practice and feedback can have a big impact on your overall scores.

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Should I study online?

Studying online is actually super easy nowadays. 90% of our students study online because it's so convenient. No travel time required, all your materials are shared online and the quality of teaching is the same.

When are private classes?

You decide! Pick your class days, times & hours. Most of our students study 1-1.5 hours each class and 1-3 times each week. We offer morning, afternoon and evening times.

When are group classes?

Group classes are 2 times each week and for 1.5 hour each time. You will get 12 hours of classes in 1 month. Please contact us before booking for dates & times.

Are classes refundable?

Yes. Cancel 24 hours before your course begins and we will refund 100% of your money. No problem.

Can I reschedule a class?

Yes. Some packages allow you a certain number of reschedules. Click "Read More" on a package to learn how many reschedules you will be given.

How do I pay?

Payments for courses can be made safely by credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard on our website, by Paypal or bank transfer.

How do online class work?

Before each class, we email you a link. Click the link to start your class. We will also email you all of your CELPIP practice tests and study materials. Click, click, done.

I just booked! What's next?

Awesome! We'll email you and send you a full CELPIP practice test to do at home. We'll also ask you what days, times and how many hours you want to study each class. Talk to you soon!

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free CELPIP Class

Try us

Picking the right test preparation is important. Try a free CELPIP class with us. No sales or stress. Meet the teachers, get feedback on your current level & ask questions. See how much you learn :)

Click here to book a class or contact us.

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Ready to book your CELPIP test? Click below to book your CELPIP test in the Vancouver and greater Vancouver area in British Columbia.


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CELPIP For Immigration In Vancouver

CELPIP test scores are recognized by the province of British Columbia and the government of Canada. Your scores can be used to apply for permanent residency and help you immigrate to Canada. Learn more by clicking the links below.

Click here to go to the province of British Columbia's immigration website.

Click here to learn about English language requirements for immigration to BC.

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