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We get you

EH Canada (also known as English Hangover) has been a great CELPIP preparation course for me. Juan & Kent really helped me achieve the CELPIP score that I aimed for. I couldn’t have done it without them. They kept motivating and encouraging me so I had more confidence in the test. I highly recommend English Hangover for someone who’s planning to take the IELTS or CELPIP English test.


Needed an average of 7 or higher for her university application. Increased writing from level 5 - level 7.


CELPIP Score: 7 


Preparation Centre


We are an official CELPIP preparation centre

with the CELPIP network under EH Canada.


Our teachers are certified to teach CELPIP.

We can help you register for your CELPIP exam.

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School Reviews

Your permanent residency application for Canada is a huge goal. Whether you take CELPIP or IELTS, we can help you achieve it faster. Read about the many people we have helped reach theirs.

Course Review
IELTS Review Simone

Simone, Engineer

Rome, Italy

"My main goal was to improve my knowledge of English and to get a high score result on the IELTS test. Kent showed his students patience and gave us the knowledge and tools to succeed in the exam. In addition to this, he had a good understanding of student problems and always gave us practical advice on how to overcome them. In the end, I was able to reach my exam goals with the help of the right knowledge and practice Kent helped to provide."

IELTS Score: Level 7

Course Review
IELTS Review Sunny.jpg

Sunny, Teacher

Seoul, South Korea

"I studied with Kent. He was one of the most awesome English teachers I've had in my life. He is kind, friendly and very knowledgeable about IELTS and he helped me a lot. At the first time, my IELTS score was 5.5, but after 5 months, it was 6.5. If you want to improve your IELTS or prepare, I would strongly recommend to study with him! You will never regret it."

IELTS Score: Level 6.5

Course Review
IELTS Review Yuri.jpg

Yuri, Engineer

Santiago, Chile

"I've always learned by myself, so I wasn't sure about private tutoring, but I decided to do it because I needed to increase my IELTS score. Well, it was a great decision. Juan and Kent really helped me. They identified all my weaknesses right away and gave me important strategies to improve my IELTS score. I would definitely recommend their services!"

IELTS Score: Level 7.5


Read about our CELPIP preparation course and learn about the highly experienced and certified CELPIP instructors from Vancouver, Canada, who will show you how to reach your target scores.

CELPIP Tutoring

CELPIP Tutoring

Our CELPIP tutoring one-on-one is the fastest way to improve your exam scores. Get individual feedback, fix your common errors and receive effective tips and strategies for every test section. If getting the highest score possible for permanent residency is absolutely required, this is the best CELPIP preparation course for you. 

CELPIP Training
CELPIP Group Classes

CELPIP training

Our group CELPIP classes give time to slowly build your CELPIP abilities and cost less than private tutoring. Follow our syllabus and learn the fundamentals in clear, step-by-step lessons. Give yourself enough time to be successful on your first CELPIP exam.

Group CELPIP Classes

Our CELPIP test preparation course helps you get the highest your score possible for permanent residency (PR) in Canada. We teach you how to increase your exam score in the reading, writing, speaking & listening sections of the test.

CELPIP Coaching

Why Our CELPIP Coaching Works

higher Exam results

Our intensive CELPIP coaching prepares you for this computer-based exam. Our program offers:

Certified & experienced CELPIP teachers

Free access to CELPIP practice tests

Group classes or private tutoring

Online or in-person classes

IELTS Knowledge, Skills, Practice exams, Feedback

What will I get in this course?

Know how CELPIP examiners give marks

Identify & fix your common errors

Learn strategies & skills for speaking & writing

Receive advice for difficult readings & listenings

Get CELPIP practice tests for all sections

Be given feedback in every class

Fully understand how to reach your level

Course Design


Course Design

Your improvement

Get everything you need to be successful on your first CELPIP exam. Our course is for target CELPIP levels 

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11.

CELPIP Practice Tests


CELPIP Practice Tests

We use the official CELPIP practice exams & study materials from the CELPIP network. These are the best for duplicating a real exam.  

What materials will I get in this course?

 Free practice exams in writing, speaking, reading & listening

Free study materials in vocabulary and grammar


The right CELPIP study materials make a difference

class Schedules

CELPIP classes that work with your schedule

Private CELIPIP Tutoring

Choose your class times

Monday - Friday

Mornings, afternoons, evenings

1-2 hours each time

* Saturday and Sunday classes sometimes available

Class schedules
Study online
CELPIP student

Group Group Classes

Please contact us for more information.

school Reviews

Proper skills, useful strategies, the right practice and enough feedback can be the difference between passing and failing. Study with certified CELPIP teachers who actually know how the exam works and see the difference in your exam results..

Course review
IELTS Review Andrea.jpg

Andréa, Engineer

São Paulo, Brasil

Kent is an excellent teacher (the best I had)! He provides both a great mix of listening, speaking and practical learning activities and a very safe, preparation course learning. As a student, you feel pushed to learn and try out new competencies. I got good grades in my IELTS Exam.

IELTS Score: Level 7.5

Course review

Melissa, Student

Medellín, Colombia

EH - Canada helped me a lot to improve my writing and speaking skills for IELTS. Kent is a very professional and experienced tutor. 100% recommended

IELTS Score: Level 7

Course review
IELTS Review Thaysa.jpg

Thaysa, Administrator

Goiânia, Brasil

I took the IELTS preparation course with them and it was great. The online IELTS classes are perfect for students that have a busy schedule. Best teachers ever, they truly helped me getting the scores I needed.

IELTS Score: Level 8


Our CELPIP tutors


how to be successful

Our CELPIP tutors give you the information, abilities, strategies and exam advice so you will understand exactly how reach your level. 

Certified Canadian English teachers

34 years teaching English classes

10 years CELPIP private tutoring

13 years IELTS private tutoring 

Teacher Kent.jpg


Canada Flag

CELPIP Instructor 

CELPIP Curriculum Developer


  • 16 years teaching English (General, Academic, Conversation, FCE, CAE)

  • 7 years teaching IELTS private and group classes

  • 5 years teaching private CELPIP classes

Education / Training

  • Master's in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

  • CELPIP teaching certification (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)

  • CELTA teaching certification  (Certified English Language Teacher of Adults)

  • Teacher Kent LinkedIn


  • 18 years teaching English (General, Academic, Conversation, FCE, CAE)

  • 5 years teaching CELPIP, IELTS & TOEFL

  • 3 years English curriculum development

Education / Training

  • CELPIP teaching certification (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program)

  • CELTA teaching certification  (Certified English Language Teacher of Adults)

  • Bachelor's Degree in Science

  • Teacher Juan LinkedIn
Teacher Juan.jpg



CELPIP Instructor 

CELPIP Curriculum Developer


Canada Flag
Colombia Flag

CELPIP training videos

Tips for CELPIP Writing, speaking, reading & Listening

CELPIP Training Videos

Our tutors make CELPIP training videos with skills, strategies & tips to improve.

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Free CELPIP practice

CELPIP Study materials, lessons and practice tests online

We also post free CELPIP practice materials on our website. Find CELPIP lessons, topics, tasks, questions, model answers for writing and speaking and resources for every section of the exam absolutely free.

Student Reviews

It's important to have a knowledgeable teacher who can also make classes and learning enjoyable. See what previous students said about our teachers and their learning experiences.

Customer Reviews
Customer Review Andres.jpg

Andres, Student

Bogotá, Colombia

I absolutely loved my lessons with Juan. He is personable, engaging and very charismatic. He would correct me often and explain to me the reasons behind my mistakes then give me some tips so I would not make them again. I usually get bored of lessons fast. However, I was excited and curious every single class in Juan's class. I had never looked forward to attending lessons the way I did while I had lessons with him. If you ever get the chance to be his student, I am sure you will praise him just as much if not more.

Customer Reviews

Yumi, Manager

Fukuoka, Japan

I studied to improve my English skills with Kent. He is one of the most amazing teachers who I’ve ever met! His class is always fun, using unique materials, and very helpful for me to understand things easily. He is a supportive teacher to each of his students, so he definitely will help you with your English skills!

Customer Reviews
Customer Review Annie.jpg

Annie, Marketer

Taichung, Taiwan

Different from orthodox teaching skills,