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CAEL Group Course + 6 Private Classes

Achieve your highest possible scores & feel 100% ready your CAEL exam

  • 475 Canadian dollars

What do you get?

GROUP CLASSES (12 hours total) This course will introduce you to all the sections of the CAEL exam. It will show you the correct way to structure your Short Writing Task and Long Writing Task, Speaking and will teach you simple and effective strategies to increase your Reading and Listening scores. 6 PRIVATE CLASSES (30 minutes each) These classes will help you have a better understanding of what you need to do to succeed in CAEL Short and Long Writing Tasks and Speaking. You may also use these classes to focus on improving your Listening and Reading scores. You decide. HOW DO THE WRITING CLASSES HELP ME? Receive easy-to-learn systems for your writing tasks. Practice writing during class with teachers and classmates. Learn what a good answer (on-topic) and a bad answer (off-topic) are. Understand what your repeated grammar errors are and fix them. Learn new linking words to improve your writing organization. Correct formal or informal vocabulary errors in your writing. Increase your formal vocabulary (collocations, phrasal verbs & idioms). HOW DO THE SPEAKING CLASSES HELP ME? Get easy-to-learn structures for exam speaking sections. Build more comfort in your fluency to improve your overall score. Know what a good answer (on-topic) and a bad answer (off-topic) are. Learn new connecting words to improve your spoken organization. Understand what your common grammar mistakes are and fix them. Fix formal or informal vocabulary mistakes you are making. Increase your vocabulary (collocations, phrasal verbs & idioms) HOW DO THE READING AND LISTENING CLASSES HELP ME? Improve your vocabulary to understand difficult texts and listenings. Get simple systems to understand which answers are correct. Learn the ways the test questions are designed to trick you. Learn effective memory strategies to remember more.

Cancellation period

PRIVATE COURSE REFUNDS: 100% refundable when cancelled 24 hours before course starts. PRIVATE COURSE RESCHEDULES ALLOWED: 4 hour package = 0. 8 hour package = 1. 12 hour package = 1. 16 hour package = 2. GROUP COURSE REFUNDS: 100% refundable when cancelled 24 hours before course starts. GROUP COURSE RESCHEDULES ALLOWED: No rescheduling classes.

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