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Language Course

Vancouver, Canada (Downtown)

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Intensive English language classes in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy learning everyday English in a friendly international environment with great teachers, interactive classes and modern technology. Join school activities and sightseeing trips to experience the best of Canada with other students from around the world. Just a few minutes from Waterfront station and beautiful ocean and mountains. Not bad, eh?

Experienced English Teachers

Morning, Afternoon, Evenings

Downtown Vancouver (waterfront)

Multicultural Environment

Better Long-term Prices

School Activities & trips

Modern Technology & Facilities

Take 20-40 classes each week

Homestay Available

Student Reviews

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See what previous international students had to say about their experience lear with the teachers, classes, social activities and school :)

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Social Media

More about Us


Visit us on social to see what school life is like and what types of activities students get to experience. Check them out on Instagram, YouTube or Facebook.

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Social Media

Special Offers

Contact us to book a free class at their downtown location :)

1 Free Class

Try a class, meet the teachers, visit the school and ask questions about courses and prices.

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English Classes

English, friendships, Perspectives


Studying at Oxford is more than just learning English. It also means gaining new perspectives, having unique experiences in Vancouver, Canada and making great friends from all around the world. Read more about why you should study at Oxford.

Why our classes?





Learn Everyday English

Classes teach you English for everyday life while in Canada and English speaking environments. Have fun learning in practical, interactive & social classes. 

Downtown Vancouver

Only a 3 minute walk from Waterfront station and beautiful ocean and mountain views of North Vancouver. Plus, many cafes, restaurants and bars nearby.

Cheaper Long-term Study

Studying at Oxford lets you save money on study periods ranging from 1 month to 1 year. Contact and see how much you can save on your English classes.

Flexible Class Schedules

Morning, afternoon and evening English class options are available to work with your daily schedule. Pick the time that is the most convenient for you. Morning classes start at 8:45am.

Multicultural Environment

Making friends from around the world is part of learning English. Enjoy meeting different people from Brazil, Korea, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Japan and many more.

School Activities & Trips

Experience the best parts of Vancouver and Canada with your classmates and teachers. Visit the famous sights, check out a hockey game, go ice skating, get some exercise or try new foods.

Choose Your Hours

Study anywhere between 20, 30 or 40 classes a week. Choose the amount of classes that work for you, your budget and your schedule.

Modern Technology/Facilities

Teachers and classrooms have different resources to make your learning better. Smartboards, internet-based lessons, a school computer room and WIFI.

Home-stay Available

If you would like the full Canadian experience of living and studying in English in Vancouver, then ask us about our homestay program. Different options available.

English Teachers

English Teachers


Oxford English teachers are smart, experienced & unique. Each teacher brings their own approaches and learning activities to their classes. Enjoy learning in different ways and getting to know your teachers personally. Read more about Oxford teachers below.

Teacher Ryan.jpg


His smooth radio-type voice, class discussions and the great friendships he has with students are 3 good reasons to study with Ryan. He is always there to encourage you and support you in every way. You may want to adopt him.

Teacher Mat.jpg


Self-said to be the dictator of English. A master storyteller, a strict corrector of your mistakes and tornado of energy that you will amaze you and energize your learning.

Teachers Aaron.jpg


A kind and patient teacher with a big heart and a sharp mind. He's known for his intellect, big heart and is a master of fun English learning activities. He's the guy on the left by the way ;)

Why our teachers?
Teachers Pat.jpg


A true Canadian. Polite, caring and respectful. Pat has taught English overseas & is a highly experienced instructor and also a master of dad jokes. If you can understand them, then your English has truly improved.

Oxford Team


The Oxford team is available to answer your questions and help you with any problems with your homestay, insurance or just there to have a little chat :) 

Oxford Students.jpg

Social Community

The teachers and staff are part of the reason why studying at Oxford is such a great experience. The school provides a really wonderful international environment to learn, make friends and grow in.

Social Activities

More in Vancouver, Canada


Oxford offers a variety of social trips & activities so you can have more interesting and unique Canadian experiences. Read more about Oxford's social activities program below.

School Trips.jpg

School Trips

Capilanou Suspension Bridge, ice skating, the Christmas Market, the Grouse Grind, hockey games, beer tasting and laser tag. These are just a few of the many school trips offered regularly,

Christmas Party.jpg

School Activities

Halloween, Christmas parties, international potluck lunches, St. Patricks day and Canada Day bbqs. Unique and fun experiences with your classmates and teachers.

Oxford Students.jpg

Make Friends For Life

Connecting with your classmates & teachers is what makes studying at Oxford special. Your classes, school activities and the time you spend exploring Vancouver with your friends are the best part.

Why our social activities?


A modern learning environment


Oxford offers comfortable and modern facilities. Comfortable classrooms, modern technology for English learning and the essentials for students away from home. Read more about the what the school offers below.

Why our school?


Comfortable and modern classes rooms which have Smartboards, televisions for modern English lessons and big windows with beautiful views of downtown Vancouver.


Lounge Area

Take a break from class, grab a drink or a snack, microwave your lunch and catch up with your friends in the lounge area. 

Computer Room.jpg

Computer Room

The computer room is available to you for school and personal use. Lots of computers available so you won't have to wait.

Downtown Vancouver

the convenience of downtown


Located 3 minutes walk from Waterfront Station, the Seabus to North Vancouver and a short walk from many cafes, restaurants and bars, you and your friends will have easy access to the best of Vancouver. Read about Oxford's location below.

Where is it located?

Near Skytrain Stations

Oxford is located only 3 minutes from Waterfront Station (Expo & Millennium Line) & only 3 minutes from Granville City Centre Station (Canada Line). You'll get to school fast from most neighbourhoods.

Downtown Vancouver.jpg

Near Cafes & Restaurants

Grab a quick coffee before class, try new restaurants and bars with friends after class. The school is perfectly located to explore all the food & drink options downtown.

Ocean and Mountain Views North Vancouver.jpg

Ocean & Mountain Views

The school is only a few minutes from Canada Place and beautiful views of the ocean and mountains of North Vancouver. A great place to relax, take some photos or just enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Group Classes

English skills and Save money


Oxford group classes allow you to learn English for a longer time and save money. Get discount prices when you book more weeks of classes. Read more about Oxford group courses.

Group Classes


Read more about Oxford's prices below. Please note that prices are per week and often change. 

Oxford International Vancouver Prices.png
Group Prices

free English Class

Try us

Try a free class with Oxford. No sales. No stress. Meet the teachers, see the school, ask questions about classes and see how much you can learn in their classes :)

Contact us to book a free class or to learn more.

Free Class
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