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Language Classes & Tutoring

Vancouver, Canada or Study online

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We teach English classes for work, school and everyday life in English environments. Reach new levels in speaking, vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, reading, grammar or writing. Sound more natural by learning everyday English expressions, slang and common vocabulary, understand native speakers better by building your vocabulary or improve your writing skills. Different lessons for different people.

Certified English Teachers

Morning, Afternoon, Evening

English for Work, school, Life

social & interactive Lessons

Better prices in Canada

Private or Group Classes

Private or Group classes

Private or Group Classes

in-person or online from anywhere

Study 1-5 times each week

Free Study Materials

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Our English classes have helped many students to become strong and more confident users of English. See our reviews from Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan.

Customer Reviews

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Free English Lessons

English Free


We make new English video lessons regularly. Build your English skills in pronunciation, everyday vocabulary, English exams and a lot more. Click on your favourite social to learn with us for free: Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube or Facebook.

F Word Lesson
R Pronunciation Lesson
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English Classes

English Language classes


Good teachers, better results & the best prices. We make it easy to study English with us. See what makes us different. Read more about our classes below.






Improve English Fast

Our classes help you improve your English quickly because they are enjoyable, practical & social. It's easy to remember language when you enjoy learning it.

Compare Our Prices

Our prices are really some of the best across Canada. Compare our prices to other language schools. Our business name is EH Canada. We're actually # in Canada. Not bad, eh? ;)

Study In-person or Online

Take in-person classes in Vancouver, Canada or study online from anywhere in Canada or around the world. 90% of our students study online because it's so easy & convenient.

Why our classes?

Free Study Materials

We include study materials when you book any classes with us. Get course books to improve your listening, vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading and more.

Group Classes
Group Classes
Private Classes

Private / Group Classes

Increase your English faster with private classes or study in small group classes and enjoy learning and practicing with other people from around the world.

Try A Free Class

Try us free! No sales. No stress. Meet our teachers, get feedback on your current level, ask questions and see how much you can improve with us :)

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English Teachers

Teachers, Lessons & Classes


Our English teachers are creative, smart & unique. We make lessons that are engaging, practical, interactive, challenging and fun so you can enjoy learning. Read more about our teachers below.

English Teacher (Kent)


English Teacher  (JP)


Smart Teachers

 Each of our teachers is certified and has over 16 years of English teaching students from different countries around the world. Read about our qualifications.

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Watch A Class

How much will you learn with us? Watch one of our private classes and see! Watch a class here to learn about the CELPIP & IELTS Writing Task 1 formal letters.

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Meet Your Teachers

In most schools, you don't meet your teachers until the first class. Get to know your teachers before booking. Click here to know more about JP and Kent ;)

Why our teachers?
Class Details

Class Details

English For Everyday Life


Learn all the English you need for your everyday life. Our classes make you more capable, confident & comfortable dealing with many everyday situations. Read more about what you will learn below.

Class Details
What will I learn?

Vocabulary / Linkers


You learn:

  • the most common English used by native speakers

  • typical expressions, phrasal verbs, collocations & idioms

  • formal & informal vocabulary to use in different situations

    • That would be lovely​

    • Hell yeah!

  • popular slang & swears to use with your friends at the bar :D

    • That $h/t is f#%ked up

Linking Expressions

You learn:

  • different ways to express opinions, orders, examples and more

    • If you ask me, ...​

    • In fact, ...

  • common things people say

    • That's a great question

Speaking / Pronunciation


Speaking / Pronunciation

You learn: 

  • to speak more fluently

  • to pronounce correctly

    • Th, R, Z, V, ​ Zzzzzzzz

  • to connect sounds & speak faster

    • gonna, gotta, wanna​

  • to sound natural with stress, intonation & rhythm

    • ab-so-LUTE-ly​!

Listening / Reading


You learn:

  • to understand native speakers better

  • formal & informal vocab to understand more

  • to understand fast speech


You learn:

  • to read more difficult texts & articles

  • formal & informal vocab to understand more

Grammar / Writing



You learn: 

  • what your common mistakes are & to fix them

  • the most common grammar

  • improve your grammatical range


You learn:

  • to write for a variety of everyday situations

    • emails, ​presentations, essays, 

  • formal vocabulary for writing

Private Classes

Location: In-person (Vancouver) or Online From Anywhere

Levels: Pre-intermediate to Advanced (A2 - C1)

Google Reviews 

Who is this course for?

Our private English classes are for people who want to improve their English skills for work, school or life in English speaking environments. These classes are the fastest and best way to increase your English skills fast. Learn from and communicate with native speaker teachers each class.

Why private?


Improve English Skills Faster

Corrections & Feedback Every Class

Better Prices Than Language Schools

Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings

Study In-person or Online

Personalized Lessons

Private Classes

Study One-on-one

Reschedules In 8, 12 or 16 packs

Interactive & Social Classes

100% Refundable Before Start Day

Safe Online Payment

Free Class To Try Us Out :)

Private Prices

Group Classes

Location: Online (from Anywhere)

Levels: Pre-intermediate to Advanced (A2 - C1)

Google Reviews

Who is this course for?

Our group English classes are for people who want to improve their English for work, school or life in English speaking environments with other students from around the world. These classes are fun, social, practical and give you chances to express yourself every class. They are also great if you prefer to save money on your long-term English goals.


Why group?

Learn New Skills Every Class

Easy-to-understand Lessons

No School Registration & Books Fees

Interactive & Social Classes

Study Online from Anywhere

Better Prices Than Big Schools

Small class sizes

Small Classes Sizes

Free Books & Study Materials

Free IELTS Preparation on Social

100% Refundable Before Start Day

Safe Payments Online

Free Class To Try Us :)

Group Prices


Asked Questions About Our Classes


What are the days, times & hours for classes? How do online classes work? Are materials included? We answer your Qs. Read our answers to commonly asked questions below.


When are private classes?

You choose! Choose your class times, hours & days. Most people study 1-2 hours each class and 1-3 times every week. We have times available in the mornings, afternoons and evenings.

Why should I study online?

Studying online is super easy nowadays. 90% of our students choose to study online because it's so convenient. No travel time needed, all your materials are shared online and the teaching quality is the same.

How much speaking is in the class?

A lot. We create lessons that allow you to express yourself every class to your teachers or your classmates. Speaking is incredibly important in all of our classes so don't worry about that ;)

Commonly Asked Questions

Are classes refundable?

Yes. Cancel 24 hours before your class starts and we will refund 100% of your money. No worries :)

Can I reschedule a class?

Yes. Some packages give you a certain number of reschedules. Click "Read More" on each package to learn how many reschedules you will receive.

When are group classes?

Group classes are 2 times each week and for 1 hour every class. You will get 8 hours of classes in 1 month. Please contact us before booking for dates & times.

How do online class work?

Before each class, we email you a link. Click the link to start your class. We will also email you all of your English study materials. Click, click, done.

How do I pay?

Payments for classes can be made safely on our website using Visa or Mastercard. Contact us directly if you'd like to pay by E-transfer or Paypal.

I just booked! What's next?!

Awesome! We'll email you a booking confirmation. When you are ready to start, send us an email telling us when you are free and we will schedule your classes. Talk soon!

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free English Class

Try us

Choosing the right classes are important. Try a free English class with us. No sales or stress. Meet our teachers, see what the classes will be like and how much you can enjoy learning :)

Book a free class or contact us.

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