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How do I book?

Scroll down this page or click the buttons to see prices for CELPIP private courses and CELPIP group courses. 

Private Course Prices

Want to improve faster and get the highest scores possible? Private classes are right for you. These classes are only for you and give you lots of personal corrections, practice, feedback and tips to help you improve in every section.

  • Learn how CELPIP exam works, is scored & the skills needed to succeed.

    170 Canadian dollars
  • Gain knowledge, practice and begin to improve your CELPIP score.

    320 Canadian dollars
  • Develop strong understanding and skills to be successful in CELPIP.

    450 Canadian dollars
  • Get all the tools you need to reach the highest CELPIP score possible.

    560 Canadian dollars
Private Class Prices

Group Course Prices

Want to take your time learning how to succeed in CELPIP? Group classes may be the right choice for you. These classes teach you the CELPIP exam step-by-step, give you new skills each week, allow you to practice with other people in small groups and also save you money.

Feedback Sessions

Get personalized feedback on your current CELPIP level, learn the mistakes which may be stopping you from reaching your target scores and get tips on how to improve them.

Group Class Prices
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