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Vancouver, Canada or study Online

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Our CAEL preparation course makes getting into university or college in Vancouver and across Canada easier. We offer great teachers, smart classes, better results and some of the the best prices you'll find in Canada. Our teachers help people every day to increase their CAEL scores for their university and college applications.

Certified CAEL Teachers

Convenient class times

Score Higher For University

CAEL Preparation Centre

Great International Prices

Private or Group

Private & group classes

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Study in-person or online


Current Offers

We make it easy to try us out ;)

1 Free Private Class

Join a group class and learn some new CAEL skills

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1 Free Group Class

Try a private class to see your current level & ask questions

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CAEL Preparation Course

Our CAEL Courses

Teachers, Classes, Prices


CAEL preparation courses that are easy-to-follow, effective and improve your scores for your university or college application. Save time, stress & money with better prep. Read more below. 

Why our Courses?





Improve Exam Scores

Our CAEL teachers and classes give you all the tools you need to score your highest on your next exam. We teach and correct while you learn and practice. Simple.

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Better Prices In Canada

Our private classes are often 70% cheaper than many big language school prices. See for yourself! Our local business name is EH Canada. Click here to compare our prices to other English schools.

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Vancouver, Canada or Online

Study in-person in Vancouver, Canada with our local teachers or study online in comfortable, high quality classes. 90% of our customers study online from countries like Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan & others.

Free CAEL Practice Tests

All CAEL practice tests are free when you book any classes with us. Get official practice tests and study materials for CAEL writing, speaking, listening and reading.


Private or Group Course

Raise your scores faster with private classes or take your time learning new skills with step-by-step group classes with other international students.

Try A Free CAEL Class

Try us out free!

No sales. No stress.

Meet the teachers, check your current level, ask exam questions and see how much you learn :)

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Our exam preparation courses help many people to achieve their highest scores in English exams such as CAEL, IELTS, CELPIP, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE & Duo Lingo. Click the buttons below to read our customer reviews from our locations Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan.

Our Customer Reviews


Needed 6.5 or higher

for university application.

IELTS Score: 7


IELTS Score: 7 (University)

I had 16 hours course with Kent, Amazing! 🔥🔥🔥 Very glad that I find a good tutor for my IELTS test preparation. Kent is professional and thoughtful. He gave me a lot valuable feedback and suggestions and helped me to prepare for the upcoming test. Great learning experiences. I got my band 7.

- Renda (Master's student , Vancouver, Canada)


Juan & Kent really helped me achieve the CELPIP score I aimed for. I couldn’t have done it without them.They kept motivating and encouraging me so I had more confidence in the test.


- Amy (Marketer, Vancouver, Canada)

IELTS Score: 8 (University)

I took my IELTS preparation course with Juan and Kent. Their classes and support really helped me a lot. I got my score I needed for my nursing program in university because of their help.

- Fay (Nurse, Brisbane, Australia)

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Our CAEL Teachers

Exam Experts


Our Canadian CAEL teachers specialize in exams. They help people from around the world every day to get higher exam scores. Good tutors with the right expertise and experience. Read more below.

Why our teachers?
CAEL Teacher Kent


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Expert Exam Teachers

Every CAEL teacher has over 15 years of teaching experience, are certified and prepare people for different English exams every day. Click here to see our teachers' qualifications.

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Watch A Class

How much can you learn with us? Watch one of our classes to see for yourself! Click here or click on the picture above to watch one our our classes.

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Know Your Teachers

In most schools, you don't meet your teachers until your first class. Get to know your teachers before you book. Click here or the picture to meet Kent and JP ;)

Free Exam Preparation

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For Free


We make exam preparation videos on social. Get tips, strategies and skills for exams like CAEL, CELPIP, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, PTE & Duo Lingo. Visit us on your social: YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.

CAEL Videos
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Course Details

How to achieve your score


CAEL knowledge, skills, strategies, tips, systems, practice exams & feedback. We promise you will know 100% how to reach your target scores by the end of your course. Our guarantee. Read more below.

Course Details
What will I learn?

CAEL Writing Classes

You learn: 

  • effective writing systems for task 1 and 2.

  • how CAEL examiners think and mark your writing.

  • what your common mistakes are & to fix them.

  • tips to increase your scores in both writing tasks.

You improve:

  • answers for task 1 and 2.

  • accuracy in and range of grammar.

  • writing organization and linking words.

  • accuracy in and range of vocabulary.

We include:

  • Feedback in each class.

  • Free CAEL writing practice tests to practice what you learn in class.

CAEL Speaking Classes

You learn: 

  • to give good answers to questions.

  • how CAEL examiners think and mark your speaking.

  • what your common mistakes are & to fix them.

  • tips to increase scores in every part of speaking.

You improve:

  • speaking fluency & speed.

  • grammar accuracy & variety.

  • pronunciation, word stress, intonation and rhythm.

  • accuracy in and range of vocabulary, idioms, collocations and phrasal verbs.

We include:

  • Feedback in each class.

  • Speaking homework to fix speaking issues and feel more confident.

CAEL Reading Classes

You learn: 

  • to use keywords to find the right answers.

  • to read faster and more effectively.

  • simple strategies to handle difficult readings.

  • CAEL reading question types.

You improve:

  • reading scores.

We include:

  • Free CAEL reading practice tests for homework to practice new strategies, score higher and read faster.

CAEL Listening Classes

You learn: 

  • to use keywords to find correct answers.

  • strategies to help you get more answers right.

  • CAEL listening question types.

You improve:

  • listening scores.

We include:

  • Free CAEL listening practice tests for homework to build confidence and improve scores.

Private Prices

Private CAEL Courses

Location: Online or In-person (Vancouver, Canada)

Target CAEL Scores: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

Google Reviews

Who are these courses for?

Our private CAEL courses are for people who want to get their highest CAEL scores possible for their university or college applications in Canada. These are the fastest & best way to increase your scores.

Why private courses?

Private Prices

Improve Exam Scores Faster

Certified CAEL Teachers

Lower Prices Than Larger Schools

Take Classes Anytime 

Study Online from Anywhere

Corrections & Feedback Each Class

Private Classes

One-on-one Private Classes

Free Practice Tests & Study Materials

Free CAEL Training Videos

100% refundable Before Start Date

Secure Online Payments 

Free Skills Check

Free CAEL Private Class To Try Us :)

Group CAEL Courses

Location: Online or In-person (Vancouver, Canada)

Target CAEL Scores: 50, 60, 70, 80, 90

Google Reviews

Who are these Courses for?

Our group CAEL classes are for people who need time to learn CAEL skills step-by-step. If you need to learn the basics and have extra time before your exam, group classes are right for you.

Group Prices

Why group Courses?

Learn New Skills Each Class

Easy-to-follow Lessons

No School Signup Fees

Afternoon or Evening Class Times

Study Online Anywhere in Canada

IELTS General or Academic Exam

Small Group Classes

Small Group Classes

Free Practice Tests & Study Materials

Free IELTS Training Videos

100% refundable Before Start Day

Secure Payments Online

Free Skills Check

1 Free CAEL Private Class To Try Us :)

Group Prices


Asked Questions About Our Courses


What are class times? How do online classes work? Are they refundable? We answers all of your questions about our CAEL courses. Read more below.

Questions About Courses?

How much higher can I score?

You can usually increase your CAEL scores by 10-20 points with our courses by learning how the exam works and understanding what your repeated mistakes are.

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Why should I study online?

These days online study is super easy. Online classes are comfortable, don't require travel and all tests & materials are shared with you online. Easy.

When are private classes?

You decide your class times and days. Most people study 1, 1.5 or 2 hrs each time and study 1-5 times each week, but you can study at times that are convenient for you. No worries.

I'm not in Canada. Can I take classes?

Yes. Every day we teach group & private courses to students around the world. Contact us for more details about our available times in your country.

Are courses refundable?

Yes. Cancel 24 hours before your first day of class and we will refund 100% of your money for any bookings.

Can I reschedule classes?

Yes. Some packages allow you to reschedule a certain number of classes. You will see this information when you click "Read More" on a particular package.

How do I pay?

Payments for all classes can be made safely by credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard on our website or by Paypal transfer. 

How do online courses work?

Before every class, we email you a meeting link. Click the link to start your class. Also, we email you free CAEL practice tests and study materials. Click, click, done.

I just booked! What's next?

Awesome! We will email you a full CAEL practice exam for you to do at home. We will also ask you which days and times you prefer to have your classes at. 

Free Class
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free CAEL Class

Try us

Choosing the right preparation is important. Try a free CAEL class with us. No sales or stress. Meet our teachers, get feedback on your current level & ask questions about the exam.

Click here to book a free class or contact us.

Book your CAEL Test

By Canadian Universites & Colleges


CAEL exam results are accepted at many universities and colleges across Canada. Click here to see the CAEL test centres in Vancouver, Canada.


Book An Exam

CAEL For Vancouver Universities & Colleges

The CAEL exam is accepted by many universities and colleges in Vancouver, Canada. Depending on your school, you may need a CAEL score of:

50-60 (often the average requirement for certificate and diploma programs)

60-70 (often the average requirement for universities and colleges)

Click on the links below to see the language  requirements for different popular universities and colleges in Vancouver, British Columbia.

University of British Columbia (UBC)

Simon Fraser University

Douglas College

Langara College

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Capilano University

Emily Carr University

Columbia College

Vancouver Community College (VCC)

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